SpamBully is a program that works with Outlook and blocks spam
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One of the most serious problems of e-mail communication is spam. A lot of people are involved in sending huge amounts of junk e-mail messages to users all around the Internet. It's very easy to lose important message that you really need in spam heaps. SpamBully is a great program that works with Outlook and blocks spam. It uses great Bayesian Spam Filter that automatically sorts you all income messages. The program has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. After the program is installed you will see its special panel on Outlook toolbar. It contains all main functional elements. For example, you can create Allow/Block list by defining e-mail addresses, IPS, phrases for allowing or blocking. SpamBully gives you detailed statistics about all its activities and incoming messages. Another great feature of the program is the possibility of scanning web links from e-mail messages for spam content. The program has the Options section that allows customizing its behavior fully to your demands. SpamBully contains help files that have all information about using it.

Ilya Barmenkov
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